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Lake Union Houseboats Live To Dock Another Day

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The showdown between South Lake Union floating home owners and the city of Seattle seems to have been settled. Despite proposed rules that would have made it impossible for almost any of the current floating homes on South Lake Union to remain there, cooler heads prevailed.

The city council let homeowners know last week that the 480 currently licensed houseboats on the lake will be allowed to remain there, as well as 34 licensed house barges. Also, people who reside on existing vessels that meet the current law definition of vessel will be able to stay, too. Finally, future processes and standards will be made to ensure that there is a clear understanding of what constitutes a home and what constitutes a vessel.

If that news frees you up to start looking for a floating home, there's still some bad news Pickins are slim for houseboat sales at the moment, so you might be better off looking for a rental.

We like the look of this 1-BR for $2,000/month. The purple accents brighten things up, inside and out. And having Gasworks Park for your backyard...pretty sweet.

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