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Do The Animal Print Sheets & Confederate Beer Cozy Come With This House?

Real estate listings are meant to be views into a life that could be yours. However, in some instances, the photos of the home for sale help to paint a picture of a life already being lived there.

Let's run down our five favorite things about this 1,700 sq. foot, 3-BR home in White Center...

1. The "spa room" just off the master bedroom that appears to be unused and/or a place to keep prisoners.

2. The black dog next to the fireplace whose laser eyes seem to be lulling us into a trance-like state, forcing us to look past the Confederate Flag beer cozy in the bedroom.

3. The Confederate Flag beer cozy in the bedroom. Next to the thong.

4. The giant R logo and the rough first-draft version on the wall next to it.

5. The animal print sheets & pillows in the bedroom, which is painted pink.

We can only pray that the house, with an asking price of $190,000, comes "as-is."
· 9406 8th Ave SW [Estately]