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Seattle's Best Neighborhoods To See Holiday Lights

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Redfin has done some seriously-scientific homework to determine which Seattle neighborhoods are the best to see holiday lights this season. The list is based on "input from Redfin real estate agents, who go on dozens of home tours a month, requiring them to drive through most neighborhoods in their region." If you like the idea of competing with your neighbors to see who can make their house become visible from space, you might want to consider one of these five...

Neighborhood: Ravenna
Must-See Home/Street: Candy Cane Lane
Median Home Price: $576,500

Neighborhood: Greenwood/Crown Hill
Must-See Home/Street: Olympic Manor (NW 85th St & 23rd Ave NW)
Median Home Price: $445,000

Neighborhood: Queen Anne
Must-See Home/Street: Kerry Park (211 W. Highland Dr)
Median Home Price: $757,500

Neighborhood: West Seattle
Must-See Home/Street: Menashe Family (5600 block of Beach Dr)
Median Home Price: 385,000

Neighborhood: Kirkland
Must-See Home/Street: The McConnell House (13837 101st Pl NE)
Median Home Price: $389,950

Check out Redfin's list of the best cities around the nation for holiday lights here.