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Curbed Cup Returns, Best Christmas Light Neighborhoods

This Week's Top Stories: The 2nd annual Curbed Cup competition premiered to much fanfare. Jiggles strip club found out it will jiggle nevermore due to zoning violations. We met "Washington's Camp David" and saluted The Admiral's House went it hit the market. To buy one of Seattle's most expensive condos, you'll need at least a couple million. For fans of Christmas lights, here are the best neighborhoods. While fans of Singles can retrace the film's steps. We found out you can go back to school after all and pondered what you could rent with $3K burning a whole in your pocket. We're still trying to figure out what we know and don't know about DuPont. Now that weed's legalish, how soon can we chill at a cafe Tough week for SoDo arena designers, who got an earful? Finally, we'll let the idea of an urban gondola lift us into the weekend.