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The Eight Meanest Reactions To The SoDo Arena Designs

Last week, 360 Architecture released three conceptual designs for the arena being built in SoDo. The reaction to these designs is best described as mixed. The public will get a chance to sound off on the proposals during a Dec. 11 meeting of the Downtown Design Review Board, but in the meantime, let's take a look at some of the most critical, disappointed and just plain mean reactions that the designs have received so far around Seattle.

"None of the three suggest an uplifting, 'muscular' profile that reflects the energy and spirit of the activity inside." - Seattle architect and critic Mark Hinshaw

"I was kind of underwhelmed. The building had a very generic look to it." - Ross and Burbank's Luke Burbank.

"The Temple of Banality. Are these from a home plans catalog for sports stadiums?" - Curbed Seattle commenter

"This should in no way be assumed a done deal." - Seattle architect, potential mayoral candidate and paid adviser to the Port of Seattle Peter Steinbrueck

"There isn't anything spectacular going on the top of the building that says 'look at us, here we are. I would like this to have a little bit more of the panache, of say, the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn." - Ross and Burbank's Luke Burbank

"Inspired by the Renton Boeing plant?" - Anonymous online commenter

"One looks like a big vent, one looks like a boat and one looks like the old King Dome," said Bruce Zornes, a sports fan

"This reminds me of the upper decks of a Carnival cruise ship which has the swimming pool on top and the various decks and sort of shade canopy in case the weather gets too sunny." - Ross and Burbank's Dave Ross

Clearly, Seattle doesn't want a stadium that reminds them of a boat. They already get that sinking feeling enough from the Mariners.

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