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Seattle Leads Nation In Starbucks Per Capita, No Duh

A couple days ago, Starbucks announced plans to open 1,500 more stores around the United States over the next five years. The easy joke is to say, "Uh, where? There's no more room." Here in Seattle, it's not a joke, it's the truth.

The Seattle Times put together a handy interactive map that breaks down the cities with the largest amount of Starbucks per capita and it should be surprise to anyone who has walked ten square blocks of any Seattle neighborhood that Seattle has the most.
Seattle has 23 coffee shops for every 100,000 residents here. That's one coffee shop for every 4,000 Seattlites, roughly. This is the part where you say, "That's it? Feels like more than that."

No. 2 on the list? Las Vegas, with 21.4 Starbucks per 100,000 people. Nearby Tacoma clocks in with 14.5 per 100K and Portland has a measly 17.7 per capita.

If you dream of living in a Starbucks-less paradise, your paradise is Detroit, MI. They have the fewest number of Starbucks per capita at 0.9 per 100K people.
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