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Charming, Just Charming

Oh, Madison Park, you're just so cute. When most people hear "charming" linked with a house, they think of a sunny, one-story, one-bedroom, 800 sq. ft. cottage with sunflowers growing out front. But not you, Madison Park. You took "charming" out of the realm of cozy and quaint and reassigned it to be fit for a modest Prince. Sure, this million dollar listing ($1,295,000 to be exact) is only one-story with 3 bedrooms and 2.25 bathrooms, but there's also 2,470 sq. ft. of open space in which to frolic around. So if "charming" now means a place that has French doors, vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, and a private courtyard, sign us up, Madison Park. You're way more than we can probably afford, but we find your carefree usage of such commonly used words just so impetuous. (And when we say impetuous, we meant youthful and adorable...)

Listing: 2120 38th Ave. E. [Redfin]