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Maggie Morgan Strikes Again (With A Discount!)

Maggie Morgan, just stop. You're making us like you too much. It's getting frightening. First you quit your job to help design interiors full-time, then you do a sweet bachelor pad project and keep updating us on it, and then you offer a really awesome deal for people who want some decorating help. It's just unfair, lady! Can't you kick a puppy or something to even things out?

The deal: if you live in the Seattle area (including Tacoma or Bellevue), Maggie Rose herself will come to your house, check out the place for an hour, and then do some digging to pick out ten new objects for your digs to spruce the place up. The price: a mere $130. Guys, that costs over $400 if you don't take advantage. Seriously.

Why, Maggie?! Why?!

"Offering this discounted session to local residents is an easy way for me to work with more people and can serve as a gentle introduction to working with an interior decorator," she says. "It lets people test out the waters without committing to an expensive and time-consuming project." Oh. Well that's why.

You just have to book it by February 29th (but you can use it whenever you want). Seriously, people. Screw spring cleaning, this is a DEAL.

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