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Fix Me Up, Buttercup!

Is your 9 to 5 number-crunching, paper-pushing desk job dissatisfying? Do you wish you could have a hands-on project to get your blood pumping without the stress of quitting and finding a new job? May we humbly suggest a win-win solution: buy up a cheap fixer-upper and gift yourself the satisfaction on making the place worthy of being inhabited by humans again.

Think beyond just paint jobs and new cabinets and push yourself to move more towards the realm of busting down walls (good for releasing office-aggression...), installing kooky gadgets, and maybe getting crazy and razing the whole joint to start fresh. Here's a few doozies below a $100,000 to get the creative juices flowing:

· 4700 S. Mead St. Rainier Valley -- 2 bed, 2,080 sq. ft., 2,575 sq. ft. lot, $89,900
· 5019 S. 118th St. Skyway -- 0 bed, 480 sq. ft., 0.59 acre lot, $85,000
· 14216 58th Ave S. Tukwila -- 3 bed, 940 sq. ft., 8,947 sq. ft. lot, $99,999
· 4716 26th Ave. SW West Seattle -- 2 bed, 1,030 sq. ft., 4,800 sq. ft. lot, $89,000

And folks, if you're really up for the challenge, here's the poster child of Seattle fixer-uppers still up for grabs:

· 11017 19th Ave SW White Center -- 0 bed, 1,150 sq. ft., 8,382 sq. ft. lot, $69,950