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Here's An Awesome Way To Use 600 Square Feet

Wanna see a really cool way to make use of a tiny, tiny house? Your wish is our command. Behold: a remodel that made a 600 sq. ft. Ravenna house from the 1950s totally livable (and totally cool). Using some creative arrangements of storage space, screens, and knocked-down walls, the owners went from a cramped 2-bedroom to a pretty nice one-bed that's pretty easy on the eyes, too. Add to that some cool salvaged oak floors, and bigger windows, and you've got yourself an awesome house without adding a single square foot of space. Props to Atelier Drome for this ridiculously efficient design. Well done, kids.

· Fantastic Seattle remodel maximizes 600 sq. ft. with smart design and ample storage solutions [Inhabitat]