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Queen Anne-Lovin'

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We know that we've been going a little Queen Anne-crazy today, but when something as schnazzy and delightfully old school as this listing comes along, we can't help ourselves. (Plus, we figure while we're celebrating love today, we ought to do due diligence and show some tender lovin' care to our elders. In this case, a restored and remodeled early twentieth century home included on Seattle's Historic Preservation Survey.) This 4-bed, 3.5 bath, whopping 3,520 sq. ft. craftsman is bursting with a mix of perks like a gourmet kitchen, a master suite detailed with handmade tiles, a custom walk-in closet, a wine cellar, two fireplaces, French doors, and on and on the list goes. Dig the blend of new and old school charm? This classy Queen Anne home is going for $1,295,000.

Listing: 415 Wheeler St. [Redfin]