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Call Queen Anne Home For Under $110,000

Admit it: you've always wanted to live on Queen Anne. It's so pretty! It's so quiet! It's so easy to call out of work whenever it snows! (Certain members of Curbed HQ may or may not be a little biased because they also live very close to the Ballard Bridge.) That's why we're letting you in on a secret: this apartment? For under $110,000? Totally worth it, dudes. Sure, it's a one-bed that only boasts 622 sq. ft., but it's on the top floor, has a view of the ship canal, is legit RIGHT THERE if you work in Ballard and also has sickening access to bus routes on 15th Avenue West, granite countertops, and a little deck you know you're going to be using all the flippin' time. We're wholeheartedly behind this one, guys. The price: a mere $109,900. Seriously, the payments will be less than your rent! · Listing: 3420 14th Avenue West Apartment 301 [Zillow]