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You Live Where Again?!: Animal House!

You know a house has seen its fair share of wild and crazy goings on when the first word to describe the place is "legal" -- the perfect place to live out your "Animal House" or "Old School" fantasies. Band together with 24 of your closest friends and start chanting "TOGA!" because this 25-bed, 3-story, 5,110 sq. ft. house in the U-District is perfect for ragers such as these. This rage-cage has few to no features worth boasting about (except an attached garage and five covered spaces for parking), but we say, all the better for you to party in peace without fear of breaking the chandelier, marble floors, or swanky French doors. All your crazy frat boy dreams can come true for only $1.2 million, a mere $48,000 a person! So kick in the old radiator and party on, Seattle. Party on.

Listing: 5218 17th Ave NE [Redfin]