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Two-for-One Farmhouse!

We admit, the staging for this 3-bed, 1.75 bath Bainbridge Island home reads a bit too austere and colonial for our tastes, but we can't help be obsessed with the underlying cozy farmhouse aesthetic. Sitting on 1.73 acres next to a "rambling stream," this picturesque home has ample room for outdoor entertaining and even has a parlour room for gentlemen callers to (nervously and) properly court your daughter like they did back in the day. The place has fun add-ons like a jetted tub, vaulted ceilings, a walk-in closet, and even a little walking bridge in the backyard! And the tucked-away farmhouse comes with a stand-alone studio (with a loft!). Oh, and did we mention that this two-for-one deal will only run you $588,000, recently chopped from the original $742,000? Yes, please!

Listing: 4811 Taylor Ave NE [Windermere]