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Fix Me Up, Buttercup!: South Sound Edition

Word on the street is that mid-winter break nears for kiddos in Seattle. Translation: Many of them will be home and your responsibility all. day. long. To maintain sanity, may we suggest engaging them in a creative and labor intensive (i.e. quieting and taming) project like fixing up some of these (cheap!) doozies south of Seattle. (And you thought last week's might be a challenge...) Give them the responsibility of either painting, demolishing walls, eradicating lurking spirits, or just let them play hide and go seek with the rodents of unusual size. That'll keep them occupied for a while.

· 30812 28th Ave S -- Federal Way -- 2 bed, 930 sq. ft., $69,900
· 15018 SE 309th St. -- Kent -- 2 bed, 1,640 sq ft., $59,900
· 7601 S L St. -- Tacoma -- 3 bed, 1,208 sq. ft., $65,100
· 6114 Yakima Ave -- South Tacoma -- 2 bed, 884 sq. ft., $69,986