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Your Light Rail Watch for the Week of February 13th-17th

Without further ado, we present your weekly update on Seattle's most unending, earth-shaking, tunnel-tastic infrastructure update.

Construction status: moving right along.
Tunnel borer that's the most badass: Togo's straight up owning.
Is Federal Way getting a station: No way no how, apparently.

Here's the sitch:

· Federal Way's leaders are worried their bus service is too packed. A train would totally fix that, though. [STB]
· But Sound Transit is up for paying to study it! [ST]
· Here's what the plan looks like, by the way. [P-I]
· It would cost a lot of money though... [STB]
· You know what helps us stop energy dependence? Light Rail. [ST]
· You can meet the artists for Brooklyn Station tonight. [STB]