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Help a Lady Out: One-beds in the U-District

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have another challenge for you -- we've been approached by an anonymous (well, to you anyway) lady who wants to rent a one-bedroom or studio near the University of Washington starting in March. She's a grown-up (read: not an undergrad) with a distinct interest in being near the University (grad school, not cougardom) and pretty easygoing plans for the place -- raucous parties and late-night loudness aren't on the agenda so much as anatomy classes and late-night study sessions.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: find this lady a place to live. She prefers someplace with a little bit of character (like the Commodore Duchess) but isn't officially a student just yet, so she can't live in those ridiculous students-only buildings ( the Commodore Duchess. Dammit.). That means new construction sort of curbs her enthusiasm a bit, so think of old stuff that's also pretty. She's thinking a one-bed or a studio within reasonable walking distance of campus for under $1000 per month (but the lower the better). Other than that, her requirements are few.

Got that all down on paper? Then have at it. Hit us up with tips, listings, and ideas at We'll send them over to this lovely lady and you can accept any and all good karma that comes from helping a desperate student find a home.