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Your Light Rail Watch for the Week of February 20th-24th

Without further ado, we present your weekly update on Seattle's most unending, earth-shaking, tunnel-tastic infrastructure.

Construction status: super fun in the sun(breaks)!
Tunnel borer that's the most badass: Togo continues to dominate, though Balto has a movie named after him. (Oh, wait, he's named after the dog? Shoot.)
Is Federal Way getting a station: Still totally not happening.

Here's all the news:
· It might cause traffic in SoDo. [ST]
· Let's build a tunnel! No, wait, actually let's build an arena. [PC]
· Well this would be a fun way to boost transit use! [The Onion]
· Federal Way is still pissed. [STB]
· About that arena -- we've found a way to pay for it! Not for Light Rail, though. That's still a mystery. [PC]
· Eastside Audubon approves of the plan for East Link. Well start digging, then! [ST]