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You Live Where Again?!: Field of Dreams (Maybe!)

If you've ever wanted to kick it country style without having to move somewhere over the rainbow to do so, this barn house in Ellensburg may be the spot for you. But we'll be honest. That's not why we're jonesing -- okay full out drooling -- for this place. Baseball weather approaches. This barn/living quarters sits on 28 acres of irrigated farmland. (One can only hope that it's rows and rows and rows of corn...) Are you thinking what we're thinking?

Say it with us: Field. Of. Dreams...In Washington!!! Potentially in your backyard!

If you kick the cows and horses out, the 1,939 sq. ft. barn house has "three sleeping areas" (which we can only assume are three bedrooms?), two full bathrooms, a kitchen, dining, and living room -- in other words, it's a real house. Sure, the place needs some updates to its interior, but it's not like the owners haven't tried. "New" amenities include electricity, phone service, a septic system, and, just to keep things real, a 125 ft. well from which you and your loved ones can draw water to quench your thirst.

Ah, but what a haven outdoors! All that irrigated land! Think about how green and lush that outfield grass will be! And you have the Stuart Mountains the backdrop to make the image more picturesque! To make things even better, you won't be putting your family in jeopardy of "losing the farm" if you buy this place because it'll only cost you $275,000.

And if you're thinking that your Seattle-based family and friends will never come to visit you if you move all the way out to Ellensburg, just keep this in mind: if you build it, they will come.

Listing: 6680 Denmark Rd. [Estately]