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Your Inaugural Light Rail Watch -- January 30th-February 3rd

Dear readers, we believe it's time to change. The Viaduct has become boring, mostly because it's so, well, consistent. Aside from figuring out what the damn thing will cost, there's really nothing left to discuss. Sucker's going down, and a tunnel's going up in its place. What else is there?

That's why starting this week, we'll be covering Light Rail instead. That tunnel project is waking people up left and right, and nobody wants to put it on the new 520 bridge, and it's supposed to be an essential form of transportation for the region but it shut down during the snow storm just like the rest of them. It's a goshdarn lightning rod for controversy! Consequently, we present your very first Light Rail Update. Enjoy.
Construction status: ongoing. No really, you can watch it!
Tunnel borer that's the most badass: Togo, duh.
Is Federal Way getting a station: Hell no! What do you think this is supposed to be, a convenient way to commute?
Here's the news:

· Cap Hill construction is over halfway done! [CHS]
· Federal Way is so, so screwed. [ST]
· You can meet some of the artists for the future Brooklyn Station if you want. [ST]
· East Link is happening! [ST]
· Wait, we could have had a tunnel from Cap Hill to downtown decades ago? Seriously? [CHS]
· Here's how Light Rail might affect developments near stations. [ST]