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Pretty Fly for a West Coast Guy

Seattle, we're tired of East Coasters thinking that they've got it all and then some. When it comes men, Boston and New York proudly contest that they have some of the most attractive "average Joes" in the nation and sneakily feature them on websites such as Subway Crush and T-Crush.
But we at Curbed say enough is enough.

New Yorkers, we'll let you call us crazy for voluntarily enduring our rainy weather (even though y'alls average annual rainfall exceeds ours). And Bostonians, we'll accept it when you mock us for our sub-par Snowmageddon driving skills because, hey, we get that your snarkiness and competency may stem from your choice to live in the Seventh Circle of Hell-type freezing weather half the year. But no way, Jose, are we going to let you just assume that you have prettier, burlier, all-around better looking guys than we do, just because we can't claim Maahky Maahk circa the Funky Bunch era and don't have a platform to showcase our visually-enticing, Seattle male specimen.
As such, we at Curbed Seattle have decided to take some pride in our Seattle men and call upon our (single, optional) Light Rail and Sound Transit riders. We are assigning you with the daunting (albeit delightful) task be on the lookout more than usual for man morsels that strike your fancy. Use your 21st century gadgets and snap a photo of the man of interest (or ask permission first if that sketches you out) and send the picture, the date, your name (or an alias of your choosing) and in which direction you were riding to and we'll share them with all of you.
So Seattle commuters, environmentalists, shoppers, I-don't-want-to-sell-my-kidney-to-pay-for-parking-downtown people -- let's get out there and show East Coasters what the West Coast, best coast has to offer.