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Jamie Moyer's House Is Still. On. The. Market.

Poor Jamie Moyer. First he plays for the Mariners and becomes one of the most beloved pitchers we've had since Randy Johnson. Then he's traded to the Phillies, only to play really well and win a World Series. Then he continues to age and gets hurt. Then the Rockies still want him to play, so they sign him. Seriously, can we all just give the guy a break from being an all-around likeable winner? It must be exhausting!

Here is one of the few instances in which he's not doing so hot: his Magnolia house is still for sale. Still, yes. It's been on and off the market since he first left town in 2006 for greener/colder/more-prone-to-World-Series-ring-obtaining pastures. It's a 7,100 sq. ft. 6-bed with fancy appliances (including a SubZero), a built-in espresso bar, and a screening room. On top of that, it was built in 1933, making it older than a fairly decent number of houses in the area. Did we mention Jamie Moyer lived there? He did. Interested in owning the place? It's gonna cost you $5,350,000. Not bad considering it originally hit the market for $8.9m three years ago.

Listing: 2550 40th Avenue West [Zillow]