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You Live Where Again?!: Kingston, Mon!

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You know those co-workers of yours, the ones who always rub it in your face that they have beach houses or cozy cabins in Ocean Shores? Well here's your shot for you to make them hush up for once while you flaunt your prime, waterfront digs in Kingston. You heard right folks, we said Kingston -- you know, that town that's only a 30 minute ferry ride from Edmonds. (What, did you think we were talking loco and meant Jamaica or something?)

This 3-bed, 2-bath, 1,848 sq. ft. house is snuggled on a 13,068 sq. ft lot that is only 30 feet away from the Puget Sound and the beach. But this wouldn't be a house worth bragging about if it didn't come complete with vaulted ceilings, jetted bathtubs, skylights, and views of Mount Rainier and the Seattle skyline to boot. The place isn't cheap, but for Western Washington waterfront property, the $568,000 it'll cost to buy the place up is a flat-out steal.

Think about it this way: we may not be able to promise the sun, but snagging this place will get you more bang for your buck than constantly renting a private jet and shacking up in Jamaica. Plus, you get the right to say that you have a bangin' house in Kingston. That's what a gwan, mon!

Listing: 12452 NE Brigantine Ct., Kingston [Zillow]