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The Headline "Naked Apartment Needs Warm Body" Does Not Make Us Want To Rent This Apartment.

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Seriously? Would you rent a one-bedroom if it had a headline like that on Craigslist? Sure, it's over 700 sq. ft., has a washer and dryer, boasts a private balcony, and is cheaper than anything you're gonna find that's similar in city limits. But it's in Lynnwood! Shady stuff goes down up there! (We have no actual basis for that claim but it very well may be true!) Okay, it's owned by a management company, and that means we shouldn't be completely sketched out, but doesn't it seem a little shady that they're resorting to shock tactics like including the word "NAKED!!!" in their headlines? What actually is involved in being the "warm body" who inhabits this place? We don't want to know. In case you're unafraid, the place is going for $920 a month. · Rental Listing: 3805 164th Street SW, Lynnwood [Craigslist]