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Treehouse For Sale! House Attached, We Guess

Gotta love a good marketing strategy. When an agent shot us this lovely listing, they pitched it as a treehouse for sale. Curbed Seattle HQ was intrigued, till we realized there was an actual house included in the situation and the treehouse was not, in fact, the primary living space. Whatever dudes, your kids won't know the difference. It was built in 1949, has 3 beds and 1,730 sq. ft. (though the lot is a massive 4,300 sq. ft., so you've got yourself a nice yard situation). It's in Queen Anne and within walking distance of lots of cool stuff in Fremont and on the hill, and you have the aforementioned treehouse to hang out in whenever you want. Sounds like a nice gig to us. The price tag: $575,000.
· 2721 3rd Avenue North [CB Bain]