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Don't Get Too Stoked for the NBA Yet -- Kevin Durant Just Listed.

Don't get too stoked about the Sonics returning to town just yet -- looks like the NBA is going to get a little further away before it gets any closer. Kevin Durant, the phenom the Sonics drafted before skipping town, just listed his Mercer Island house. The 5-bed mansion has over 5,900 sq. ft. going for it and was built in 2007. It's pretty low-key for a cribs-worthy spot though -- sure, it's got a screening room and wetbar, but aside from that and a hot tub it's pretty normal for Mercer Island. (Note: this is not real world normal by any means.) The price tag if you want a piece of Sonics history: $2,799,000.
· Seattle, We Hardly Knew Ye []
· 3406 74th Avenue SE, Mercer Island []