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Beachy Goodness

All this talk of "unseasonably warm weather" marching through the East Coast has us Seattleites particularly soaked in jealousy. The only recourse Curbed Seattle has to combat such feelings of weather-fueled angst is to feature fabulous waterfront properties with sunny pictures. That's why we're loving this 3-bed. 2.25-bath beachfront house in mystical-sounding Harrington Lagoon. Categorized as "Northwest Contemporary," this custom-built house will make you remember all the good reasons why you chose to live in Western Washington. Through windows galore, you can watch the sun set on the Puget Sound or sit out at your "backyard" beach fire pit and ogle at Mount Baker. Inside we've got ceramic tile floors, a fireplace, radiant heat, and a walk-in pantry. Nothing particularly spectacular, but more than enough to live in cozy luxury. Beachfront serenity will run you $825,000. Ah, Zen -- see, don't you feel better now?

Listing: 15 Eagle Cove Ln [CB Bain]