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Varitek, Come on Home!

Breaking news: Jason Varitek could move back to Seattle. Okay, so it's less actual news and more hopeful speculation. But cut us some slack. After having our hearts wrenched out as Tek officially announced his retirement yesterday, we needed something to pull us out of our haze of misery, as we silently sobbed while watching Youtube photo montages and replays of old games with the captain behind the plate.

All we're saying is that post-retirement, Tek might want to make a clean break and ship off to return to his "roots." After all, we drafted him first. (And like we do with most burgeoning talent, we traded him away so that he could rise as a superstar...but we digress.) So, just in case, we've been doing some research and feel like we've found the captain a solid place in the Pacific Northwest to retire in peace.

If Jamie Moyer's old crib isn't of interest, then this 5-bed, 4.25-bath, gated home sitting on 0.77 secluded acres in Bellevue might be ideal for a quieter dude like Tek who may just want to stay out of the limelight and hang out with his kids. Not that the 8,680 sq. ft., wet bar, four fireplaces, second kitchen, giant deck, and vaulted ceilings inhibit possibilities of entertaining or general fun-having, we just want to make sure he's comfortable. That's all.

For the captain, all this homey-privacy courtesy of the Pacific Northwest runs a little shy of $3.6 million. Totally affordable. Too soon to draw up the papers? Have your people call our people.

(Disclaimer: certain Curbed Seattle staff members are wildly obnoxious Red Sox fans and though no longer living in Boston, are unapologetic for being staunch supporters of Red Sox Nation.)

[Editor's note: other Curbed Seattle staff members simply encourage any and all baseball coverage, particularly when it draws attention to the chronic problem that is the Mariners' policy of trading away anyone with an ounce of potential.]

Listing: 1808 Killarney Wy [Redfin]