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Your Light Rail Watch for the Week of February 27th-March 2nd

Without further ado, we present your weekly update on Seattle's most unending, earth-shaking, tunnel-tastic infrastructure.

Construction status: ongoing? In progress? Occasionally snow-plagued? All of the above.
Tunnel borer that's the most badass: Togo is in the lead, but Balto is making significant progress! Brenda still sucks.
Is Federal Way getting a station: Don't be silly.

And now, all the news that's fit to re-post:
· Where did the Capitol Hill Light Rail star go?! [CHS]
· Whatever, screw Light Rail! Streetcaaaaaar!Stellaaaaaaaaa! [CHS]
· People actually want Light Rail in Federal Way -- they just have to figure out how to pay for it. [PC]
· Here's a chart that solves all the transit problems in King County! (Not really, but it tries.) [STB]
· Snow means your only way to get around is LINK. Except in an ice storm -- then you're SOL. [STB]
· Beacon Hill is defending it's turf from no-gooders, including its Light Rail station. [BHB]