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Secret Staircases on Capitol Hill!

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The things we like: built-in bookcases. Craftsman-style houses. Decks. Gardens. Capitol Hill. Old stuff. French doors. Wrap-around porches and balconies. Secret stairways. You get the picture. The things on that list that this house has: all of them! Behold, a 3,810 sq. ft. 5-bed on Capitol Hill that's been around since 1908. Yeah, it has all the fancy balcony/porch/deck/garden crap we talked about, but that secret staircase thing is totally the kicker. We're in, done, sign us up. What's that you say? It costs $1,189,000? On second thought, we might need to take a rain check. · Listing: 1027 23rd Ave E [Zillow]