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Scott Allen's Cliff House

If you're new to the real estatey/architecture/Seattle scene, here's a name you'll want, nay, need to know: Scott Allen. He doesn't just build your standard suburban split levels, the kind that your five-year old sketches on construction paper with every crayon in the box. No, he's the guy who helped to design the Washington State History Museum, the Seattle U Law School and is best known for his modern, sprawling residences that can be found worldwide.

Why are we obsessed with Allen? Take a look at one of his latest projects that was featured in the Tour of Architects. The guy built a rockin' place in Gig Harbor, snuggling it right against the wall of a natural cliff. Makes sense, then, that he decided to take the guess work out and just call the place "Cliff House." (After all, you don't need an fancy name when your design does all the talking.)

Just listen to these features. A glass-enclosed elevator. A wood-burning pizza oven. A boathouse. Cozy outdoor living spaces between the house and boathouse, so you can rest and take in the view of the water if the minute-long walk proves too long...And so so many decks, terraces, and bridges (yes, bridges!!) on which to entertain. Built into the side of a cliff, sustainable features, outside entertaining spaces up the wazoo -- Allen's telling you to get down with your outdoorsy selves, Pacific Northwesterners!

We know. We're obsessed and unapologetic about it. But drop his name at the next garden party and see what happens. You'll make new best friends. We promise.