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Redfin's Cool New Search Tool: HOA Dues!

Want to see something totally interesting? Here! It's right here! Want to see something totally interesting only to real estate bloggers (us), brokers (some of you), people searching for condos (some more of you), and real estate nerds (all the rest of you)? By golly we've got that too!

Redfin's finally added a nifty search tool that lets you search by HOA dues! We know, we're excited too! No, really, we are! It's now one of the little drop-down queries in its search field and you can totally narrow down your housing options based on how much you'd like to fork over to the Home Owners' Association each month. Cool, right?!

Before you go grumbling off into the blogosphere saying we don't post anything useful, remember: HOA dues are a total biznatch. Don't believe us? Check out this listing. Don't you wish you knew before you looked at it that it would be ridiculously expensive to live there even after you paid off the mortgage? This can totally prevent all that!

Downfalls: the feature only goes up to $600/month, which means fun stuff like that ridiculous $2,500/month listing won't show up if you decide you want to search by HOA. Sorry, Charlie.

· Now Available on Redin: Filter by HOA dues! [RCB]


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