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David Segui Lists Pioneer Square Penthouse

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Oh, sweet David Segui. Remember when you were on the Mariners? Remember how much we liked you during that one year you were here? (Really? We don't remember it much. Oh well.) Why, then, would you ever want to sell a penthouse in Pioneer Square? Could it be because people pee in alleys in Pioneer Square, or you have to hear the constant roar of crowds cheering on the Sounders and the deafening silence of all seven Mariners fans who still go to games? What gives, David?

Regardless, Mr. Segui is giving up his penthouse and that means you can own a piece of Mariner history. Behold: perhaps the most ill-advised real estate purchase any player for the club has ever made. (David, face the facts: you bounced from team to team more than the average guy. A lot more. Why then, did you choose to actually buy a penthouse here? Didn't you see it coming? Come on now.)

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. It's a 1,745 sq. ft. 2-bed in Pioneer Square on South Jackson Street, and it's got exposed brick, a balcony, a view of the water and the city, and two massive bedrooms. Not enough for you? We'll throw in a fireplace and parking, too! Still not enough? Does the fact that David Segui lived there mean anything to you? No? Eh, whatever then. The price tag: $918,000. · Listing: 97 S Jackson St Unit 501 [CB Bain]