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(Almost Finished) Sunset Hill Home

Awww, look how pretty you can draw! Is this the house you want to live in when you grow up? Wait, what? This is the sketch you're actually using to try to sell a house? In the real world? To real people? Really?
Okay, maybe we should cut the owners some slack because to be fair, this house being built in the Sunset Hill area won't be finished until June or July. But come on, if you're trying to pre-sell the place, the least you could do is offer us a sketch, an idea that wasn't thrown together during a few rainy day recesses by a artfully prodigious, colored pencil-wielding fifth grader.
But from what we hear, the house sounds sufficiently impressive. A Craftsman home with 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and 3,835 sq. ft., the soon-ish-to-be-finished home also comes with jetted tubs, two fireplaces, a wet bar, a second kitchen, and French doors. (You know we're suckers for those doors...) What's even more impressive is the asking price: $829,995. For that price, you better be damn sure that that picture earned at least one gold star...

Listing: 8052 Loyal Way NW [Zillow]