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Beware of "Fully Furnished"

Here's our first bit of Curbed U advice. Pencils and pens ready? Be wary of places that require you move into a place with non-negotiable (full) furnishings. True, college students or recent grads may rejoice at what may seem like a money-saving living arrangement. And you really could luck out and be the temporary recipient of a bunch of classic, handcrafted, potentially hand-whittled pieces made by a group of nineteenth century Amish men. But before you go setting your heart on renting (oh dear, or buying!) that picture-less "fully furnished" place on Craigslist, go see the place, ask questions about where all the furniture being left behind came from, and why on earth if it's so great is it being so lovingly abandoned to be in your care? If not, you could end up with a place like this...[UHP]