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Get Pumped Up, First-Time Buyers!

First-time buyers, this whole week is about you! That's right, you! The kids buying their first house (or the little-bit-older-than-kids who are buying their first house) in Seattle and are sort of not sure what to do! Welcome to Curbed Seattle's inaugural First-Time Buyers Week. We're going to set you up nicely this week to make things happen, starting with Curbed University (which kicked off this morning) and featuring cool tips from local brokers, first-time horror stories to avoid, fun facts, lovely listings, moving trivia, and more.

First up: local broker Josh Dayley gets you pumped up to buy a house with a quick overview. For his reassuring words (and gentle introduction to the overwhelming process that is buying a home), see the video below. We'll have more tips from Josh later in the week.

Brokers, got some more tips for first-timers? Send them our way: hit us up at