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New is In, Old is Out

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Two things we love for new home buyers: having a house that has the look of a charming older Craftsman home to passers-by while being able to live in a 21st century interior. Yep, that's what we've got folks -- your classic hip grandma in house form. Sure, the exterior doesn't necessarily have the look of a youngster, but the inside? The 1,270 sq. ft. interior is surprisingly hip and hap'nin, what with the three stories, brand spankin' new bamboo floors, slate tile in the kitchen, and windows galore! (Those cool lamps in the living room don't hurt...well staged, well staged...) Plus the house sits on a 5,279 sq. ft. lot and you'll have a huge deck overlooking the backyard perfect for raging/entertaining. Things we love the most for new home buyers? A good deal. Price tag on this place: $329,500, down from $345,000. Sales. Gotta love 'em.

Listing: 2817 29th Ave S [Redfin]