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Got Kids? We've Got Listings For You, First Timers.

Now don't get us wrong: first-time buyers aren't always families. We know, we know! Sometimes you want a swanky condo and have no interest in kids whatsoever! We get it! But a lot of the time, you first-timers want a place where rugrats can roam freely. Fear not -- we've got four listings here that are spread around the Sound and set up nicely to keep you and your kids entertained and, well, sheltered for the the long haul. Read on.

So you want a lot of bedrooms, want to live in the 'burbs, and wouldn't mind some fun recreational stuff in the backyard. Two words, friends: Normandy Park. This 4-bed has 2,390 sq. ft. going for it, a pretty granite kitchen, a ton of bathrooms, a spot near Highline High School and Marvista Elementary, and a pool. Yeah, a pool. Your kids will flippin' love you. The price tag: $424,950. · Listing: 219 SW 184th St, Normandy Park [Matrix]

Next up: 4 beds in city limits. No, seriously! This guy's near Northgate Elementary, is 2,900 sq. ft., has a two-car garage (clutch when those teenage years roll around and you don't want to fight for car space), and (gasp) a pool! The price tag for all this inside Seattle proper? A not-outrageous $389,000. · Listing: 12219 1st Ave NE [Matrix]

Know what kids love? Dogs. Know what dogs love? Running around (and away). Know what reconciles the two? A fenced-in backyard! Add a pool to that mix and you've got a winner. This 3-bed in Kenmore is 2,160 sq. ft. and near Kenmore Elementary and Inglemoor High School, has shmancy heated floors, and is going for $412,500. · Listing: 19331 67th Ave NE, Kenmore [Matrix]

Finally, we head to Lake Forest Park. This 3-bed is fairly massive -- we're talking 2,840 sq. ft. -- and it's was built in 1929. It's got three full walk-in closets (hellooooo people with girls), a one-car garage, basement space, and lots of spread out rooms (see floor-plan) that are perfect for when you need to separate the combatants. The price tag: $415,000. · Listing: 4755 NE 178th St, Lake Forest Park [Matrix]