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Eco-Friendly Moving? Sure!

Know what else sucks about moving? Having to get a bunch of boxes and then get rid of them when you're done! Seriously, we hate that part. It's a raging biznatch.

Good thing we live in Seattle where everyone is super focused on being eco-friendly and nice to the environment and likes frogs! (Or maybe just those first two!) Behold: Frogbox, a company that will literally bring a bunch of plastic storage containers to your old place, give you some time to pack up, and then pick them up at your new place when you're done getting settled. They deliver to all of Seattle and most of the 'burbs, and if you can get yourself packed and unpacked within a week the whole thing can be done for under $100. We know! It's crazy!

And it's not just regular boxes -- these guys have rolling dollies and wardrobe boxes and protective moving paper! And lions and tigers and bears (and frogs), oh my! The whole thing just saves you a ton of cardboard really, and 1% of their revenue goes toward frog habitat rehabilitation. Really now, what's not to love?!