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First-Time Buyer Horror Story Number Two: Get an Agent!

Here now, a story from our buddy Susan. Read on for all the fun, and stay tuned to vote today.

"The first home I bought was a small condo unit in Redmond 20 years ago. My fiance and I began the purchasing process months before our June wedding and paid mostly cash for it, but it still didn’t close in time for us to move in right after our honeymoon. About 3 weeks after we were married it finally closed and the day after we moved it we received notice about a special assessment. Thankfully the special assessment was “only” about $2000, but to young newlyweds on a limited budget it came as quite a shock. Turns out the assessment became official one day after our place closed! So after all that time waiting for it to close? why oh why couldn’t it wait another day or two?! The assessment had been in the works for a months and we didn’t know enough to ask the seller or HOA about pending assessments. We also didn’t use a real estate agent for the purchase. Since then I always use an agent for sales or purchases and know to check on pending assessments."