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Horsin' Around

Whoa. You'll be saying that a lot if you pick up this house in Cle Elum. Not only will you be living in a gorgeous 5,589 sq. ft., two-story home with an open view of the mountains, but you'll also be living on a 45 acre equestrian ranch. That's right -- a place with lots of horseys. But this certainly ain't y'alls daddy's ranch. This 4-bed, 3.75 bath doozie has been completely modernized and has a second kitchen, wet bar, two fireplaces, and a ton of space inside in which to play around if the expanse of land outside isn't enough for you. And you get a huge barn, fenced outdoor arena, dog run, stable, eight covered parking spaces, and a giant pasture on which to frolic! The only thing that would make this $1.9 million ranch even better would be if it actually came with horses. No matter, you can finally put your My Little Pony collection to good use while you begin your search for Black Beauty. Whoa. Win-win.

Listing: 830 Pays Rd. [Remax]