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When Is A Trailer Not A Trailer?

No really though! When is a trailer not a trailer? When it's this 1960s house up in Shoreline and it's not actually a trailer. Though it has all the makings of a traditional less-than-classy house (it's rectangular and, well, trailer-shaped, it's lofted 4 feet above the ground, it's got a carport) this one's actually got quite a pedigree. Designed by AIA architect Edward L. Cushman (the guy who designed Spuds on Greenlake), it's a 1,290 2-bed with a super-open floorplan. How open, you ask? So open that the only thing separating most of the rooms is a bookshelf, and that sucker can move. If versatility is what you seek, this is a nice little find. The only downside: it's way up North. Is the commute with the architecture-geek status symbol? If you've got $255,950, it might be.

· 19520 8th Avenue NW [CB Bain]