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Live Shwanky -- Rentals at the Metropolitan Tower Are Up For Grabs

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You know what building we don't give nearly enough love? The Metropolitan Tower. It's so tall! And its windows are so askew! And it has so many balconies! And it's near so many confusing intersections! If those things appeal to you and you're down for spending a ton of money on a two-bedroom in the Denny Triangle, you're in luck mister. The place has a ton of vacancies with rent going all the way up to... well, we don't know, because they won't call us back. Back in 2009 a 2-bed 2-bath penthouse was going for $5,700 a month (!!!), so you can only guess what that sucker's gonna cost you now. The perks are endless though -- Barolo is IN THE BUILDING! It's got a spa! It's right next to Whole Foods! Also, successful, employed lawyers (we know your numbers are dwindling), take note: this is right across the street from the Federal Courthouse! Seriously, rich kids. Check it out. (And then tell us what you're paying, since they won't.) · Rental Listing: Metropolitan Tower, 1942 Westlake Avenue