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Seattle's Architecture Showdown

March Madness may be over, but the Sweet Sixteen still rages on in the architectural world. This time, Stick Lab is asking Seattleites with design experience or just those with general opinions to cast their vote to determine which building deserves recognition as "Seattle's best building." A total of 84 buildings were pitted against one another and after weeks of voting and duking it out, only the best remain. Is our city's greatest architectural design really the Space Needle? Or is it Gas Works? Or the Pacific Science Center? You tell us. But first, riddle us this: we may not know what building will ultimately reign supreme, but what on earth is the explanation behind that three-headed dragon "raawwwwwr-ing" around the Space Needle in the headline photo? Humor us first and try to explain if you can. Then, get out there and rock the vote.