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Under 2 Tuesday: Alki For Under $200,000. Really!

For some people, living on Alki is a very serious, legitimate, major life goal. And that's cool, because Alki is awesome and great and pretty and all that jazz (and when the weather doesn't suck, it's a hoppin' spot). Buying a $1m-plus condo on Beach Drive isn't in the cards for a lot of sun-craving Seattleites, so this 1-bed might just be the godsend you've been seeking. It's a pretty decent 655 sq. ft., has all the recently-renovated glitz you'd expect (new cabinets, bamboo flooring, granite countertops, etc.), and it's on the beach for goodness sake. What more do you need? The price tag: a fairly doable $160,000. (Which is, by the way, below the Zestimate. Snatch this baby up.) · Listing: 3723 Beach Drive SW Apartment 5 [Zillow]