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Waterfront Mania

Being Seattleites, we don't require much sun to start jonesing for some QT by/on/starting at the water. That's why we started hunting for waterfront properties in western Washington and stumbled upon this could-be gem way down in Gig Harbor. There's no contesting that the land itself is gorgeous: 0.75 landscaped acres that meander down onto over 120 yards of beach. And if having direct access to Henderson Bay isn't enough for your aquatic tastes, enjoy also, then, the in-ground pool and hot tub in your backyard. But as massive as the 4,917 sq. ft. interior may be, the house feels ponderous and almost cramped with all the dark furniture and railings cluttering the place. So if you feel up for the challenge of a serious redecoration, are on the market for waterfront property, and require another building rivaling the size of your home to house your cars, this could very well be the place you've been waiting for. Don't hold your breath because you might need to wait some more. This bad boy costs a hefty chunk of change: $2.195 mllion.

Listing: 8714 90th Ave NW [Trulia]