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Spring Break!

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It's the tail end of some folks' spring break. Maybe there was no crazy Cancun vacay or wild Las Vegas pictures to post on Facebook, but there's still time for those who want to do a little something beyond watching "Law and Order: SVU" marathons without heading out too far. Behold some of the best vacation home rentals in the greater Seattle (and further south) area in which to round out Spring Break 2012!!! to live life large without completely break the bank.

· Lake Washington Italian Villa -- 5-bed, sleeps 16, over 5,800 sq. ft., $300 per night
· Waterfront Bryn Mawr -- 5-bed, sleeps 14, 3000 sq. ft., $205 per night
· Modern West Seattle -- 5-bed, sleeps 8, 4,000 sq ft., $300 per night
· Wallingford Green Design -- 3-bed. sleeps 8, $265 per night