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Even Better: West Seattle Mid-Century for $450k

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We received a few befuddled responses to our post on Tuesday about a house within walking distance of Alki -- to quote one reader, "The one up on Sunset is a lovely neighborhood but is high up on a cliff, meaning that you'll be walking to Alki only if you're in primo shape." Good point! Here's one that's a little more doable. This guy was built in 1953, is actually right on the beach, and is significantly less pricey. Behold: 3 beds, 2,400 sq. ft., a fun retro-style layout and about the briefest walk to Alki you can possibly get (short of living on the other side of Fauntleroy Way, that is). The price tag on convenience and mid-century grooviness: $450,000. · Listing: 8808 Fauntleroy Way SW [Redfin]