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Craftsman-Style Houseboat on Lake Union

We have a hard time believing that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck when we find a fabulous house boat just put on the market! And it's a beaut, too. On Lake Union in Eastlake, this Craftsman-style houseboat is the real deal with two-stories, 2 bedrooms, and 1.75 bathrooms. Not only will you get the pleasure of bragging that you have (or rather, were able to find) waterfront property, but you can also gloat about the vaulted ceilings, a rooftop deck with views galore, and the gorgeous wood paneling. The only thing you might want to keep hush-hush is the fact that you'll be dishing out $3,200 a month for 13 months to live in this bad boy. But we figure it's a year of your life to live it up on the water in Seattle. What else are savings for? Best Friday the 13th...ever!

Listing: 2035 Fairview Ave E. [Seattle Rental]