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Your Light Rail Watch for the Week of April 9th-13th

Without further ado, we present your weekly update on Seattle's most unending, earth-shaking, tunnel-tastic infrastructure.

Construction status: doin' fine in the sunshine! And early!
Tunnel borer that's the most badass: not Brenda. Not only does she go unnamed in this fact sheet, but we still can't figure out who she's named after! Goodness, Light Rail. Stop leading us on.
Is Federal Way getting a station: God, no. Never.

And now, all the news that's fit to re-blog:

· Sound Transit bought the actual track for East Link! Finally, someone in Seattle buying stuff before they build it. Jeez. [BR]
· This guy thinks Light Rail will be cool because it can shuttle cyclists around. [SB]
· Know what's gonna be disruptive? No, not drilling for LINK -- drilling for the streetcar! [ST]
· Stuff got debatey. [STB]
· Oh, LA wants streetcars now. Way to jump on the bandwagon, you tools. [ST]
· Tunneling finished a full THREE MONTHS ahead of schedule! Does this mean we can party for awhile before resuming work, like when you finish taking the AP History exam in high school four weeks before summer vacation even starts? (More importantly, are we dating ourselves by mentioning AP exams?) [Slog]